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Little Bird Perspective is a Brisbane based Professional video production house. Our belief in the words Engage, Inspire, Conquer has rapidly built a strong client base from Brisbane up to Cairns and internationally with Dubai and Kuwait. Together we will build on your idea and create a marketing concept to gain sales or a stronger social media presence.

Promotional Videos

Promotional content has always been a major part of marketing. From construction to real estate and product advertising we can cater to any situation. Our competitive pricing ensures you’re getting the best price for high quality content. Please see below our different services and packages that we offer. We believe no job is the same and strongly recommend you to get in touch to get a free quote.

Video Package
Promo Video (1-3 minutes)
$660 Daytime
$960 Sunset Shoot

Video & Photo Package
Promo Video + Photos (1-3 minutes and unlimited photos)
$1060 Daytime
$1360 Sunset Shoot

Photo Package
Photo Package (unlimited photos)
$300 Daytime
$450 Sunset Shoot

Product Marketing Video

We can happily accommodate any budget with the no job too big or too small mentality. Please email with your ideas and ideal budget and we will happily work with you to provide a quote that works for you.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact me on


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